“We Will Rock You” Fast vs. Slow

One of the best commercials during the big game yesterday was for Dodge and showed Vikings taking a boat to the game, only to realize their team, the Minnesota Vikings, wasn’t playing in it. The music was Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” but it was a fast version, rather than the well-known slower hand-clapping version we’re used to from the album I’m holding in the pick.

See and hear it here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqg5oc20nxk

A lot of people like this fast version better and have asked me how to get it.  It’s a live recording from 1977 and it’s available on the album, “The Best of King Biscuit Live Volume 4.” Queen used to play it fast like that to open their live shows. It reminds me of one of their early songs, “Sheer Heart Attack.”  That is to say, it sounds punk, which I like.

It was a great game yesterday, and as I proudly wear my Raider sweatshirt today, I look forward to the distinct possibility that the Raiders could be playing in the big game next year…against the 49ers!


– Chris Jackson




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