World’s Best Ice Cream Is Made In San Jose

Did you know the best ice cream in the world is made right here in San Jose, on 19th St.? If you want to try it, be ready: it’s only sold late September to Halloween (the rest of the year, there’s always the Marble Black Raspberry you see on the left). It’s a “seasonal” flavor called, “Tigers Tail” – orange with rich fudge swirls. It’s insane! No other ice cream in the world comes close to it.

It’s made by Treat Ice Cream in San Jose, and they just told me to expect it on shelves at South Bay grocery stores Lunardi’s and Zanotto’s in mid-to-late September.

That gives us just enough time to drop the 10 lbs. we’ll be putting back on once we taste the tigers tail ~


– Chris Jackson

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