Many, even most, Raiders fans seriously dislike the 49ers, but 49er fans don’t feel the same way about the Raiders. 49er fans are more indifferent. Why?

I just ran into Alex in the hallway here at work. He was wearing a Raiders hat and when I asked how long he’d been a Raider fan, he said he’d been a fan his whole life, but didn’t hate the 9ers. I guess he feels he needs to point that out when asked about the Raiders because there’s so much history with Raider fans disliking the Niners.

Alex is too young to remember 1984.

#1   The Raiders moved to be the Los Angeles Raiders and won the Superbowl by the biggest margin ever (38-9).

Yet, Bay Area media covered the Raiders like they would cover any out-of-town team (for example, the Jets or the Packers). That whole season, the Raiders got 30 seconds of coverage just like the rest of the NFL (except the 49ers), even though they still had millions of fans here in the Bay Area. Total dis.

We Raider fans got sick of hearing about those Niners while we were missing our still well-deserved Raider coverage.

#2   49er fans developed the “wine and cheese” reputation (vs. the Raiders beer & chips reputation).

#3   The 49ers got real good, and while we Raider fans were NOT jealous, we were annoyed when Niner fans seemed to never appreciate their team – always whining if they didn’t win by a big enough margin. This is when the term “Niner-Whiner” got started.

#4   Raider owner Al Davis was demonized and 49er owner Eddie DeBartelo was deified. Truth: neither was as nice as your grandma.

Now ya know.  Who’ll win when they play each other Nov. 1st?  I really don’t know. But no matter what happens, please…no whining.


– Chris Jackson

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