Another Drive-In Concert Rocks The Bay!

By Morris Knight on June 28, 2020

Well, no one is really sure when live music venues will be able to open the doors to fans of live music but one thing is for sure; live music will find a way to continue to rock on! That’s exactly what happened AGAIN Saturday evening at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. We all drove our cars, trucks and SUV’s in – just like we did back in the day at the drive-in movies – and three bands took to the stage and rocked the Saturday night away.

STUNG (The Police Tribute Band)
HEARTLESS (Heart Tribute Band)
QUEEN NATION (Queen Tribute Band)

Amazing performances by STUNG (The Police tribute), HEARTLESS (Heart tribute band) and QUEEN NATION (Queen tribute band) really made it a great night. If the COVID-19 shut down and slow moving phases back to business is getting to you then something like this is just what you need. I know I did! So much fun to get out and enjoy some live rock-n-roll. Of course we all played by the rules by staying in or right next to our own cars and keeping our face coverings on especially whenever we went to get refreshments or whatever. If we don’t hurry up and get to phase three soon, I could definitely see a third Drive-In concert coming around again soon. And, of course, I’d be there for that one too!

Check out some of the footage CLICK HERE.