“Beastie Boys Story” is a must watch for music lovers

By Edwin on April 30, 2020
NEW YORK – APRIL 26: (US TABS OUT) (L-R) Rappers Michael Diamond “Mike D”, Adam Yauch “MCA”, and Adam Horovitz “Ad-Rock” of the Beastie Boys pose in the dressing room before taping MTV’s Direct Effect April 26, 2004 in the MTV Times Square Studio in New York City. (Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

I was born in 1996 and the first cd I ever bought was Licensed to Ill in 2003. Not knowing who this group was I bought the cd because I liked a song about a brass monkey and little horse named Paul Revere. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Apple+ latest special “Beastie Boys Story” made me appreciate the band even more than I did growing up. The special is a kin to a one man show but in this case it’s two. Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock) and Michael Diamond (Mike D) reminisce from Dj’s playing “Cookie Puss” to performing their last show with Adam Yacht (MCA) at Bonnaroo 2009. They explore what the price of fame can do to someone personally and how you can lose your self in a persona. Along with the ups and downs of the music industry from dealing with record execs and disappointing album sales.

This is not just a special for fans of the rap/rock group but also for the new generation to know what music meant to the 80s and how MTV could launch a band into the zeitgeist.