Funniest Band Video Ever..thanks to THIS guy!

By Chris Jackson on March 26, 2019

My band when I was going to Leland High School in San Jose was called Hot Ice, so this video of another band called “Hot Ice Band” caught my eye.

I’m a big fan of Billy Squier’s drummer, Bobby Chouinard, so I love this video!

A local cover band invites the big rock star drummer on stage, and he’s so cool, he accepts! I love his drumming, in part because he’s kinda John Bonham-like (Led Zep’s drummer).

The first song they do is a Billy Squire song and it’s so funny – check out the band dudes! (I’m sure I looked like that on stage in the 80’s too 🙂 )

Ironically, after they finish the Billy Squier song and start doing songs from other artists, it gets waaaaay better ~




Sadly, Bobby’s not with us anymore. Thank you Billy Squier for making Bobby your drummer so I could discover him, become a huge fan of his playing, and ultimately find THIS video!


– Chris Jackson