Internet divided over gifting workout equipment

By Karina on December 4, 2019

An ad for the exercise bike company Peloton has been going viral because it shows a woman getting a bike for Christmas and spending a year “progressing” from super in-shape to super SUPER in-shape. But most of us would have a little further to go on that journey to get in shape. Some people are even going so far as to saying they’d divorce their partner if they gifted them the exercise bike.

Honestly, I’d be so happy if my boyfriend got me this for Christmas. That’s one less gym bill I’m paying, and I really need to focus on getting healthier.

A new survey asked people:  If you got a fitness-related holiday gift, like a gym membership or home workout equipment, would you be happy or insulted?

38% of people say they’d be more pleased than insulted. Only 7% would be more insulted than pleased. 44% wouldn’t feel one way more than the other.  The remaining 11% said they “don’t know” how they’d feel.

According to the survey, there’s not much of a difference when you break it down by gender:  36% of women say they’d be more pleased than insulted and 9% say they’d be more insulted than happy.

Here’s the real question: How would you feel if your loved one gave you workout equipment or a gym membership for Christmas?