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It sucks working retail during a pandemic

Now I have worked in retail for a couple of years now and there are certain times of the year where I internally sing Remy Zeros Save Me. The obvious choice is Black Friday and the day before Christmas because all of a sudden people think it is a good idea to look for a particular thing that everyone wants at the same time.

However this past weekend with the whole coronavirus panic takes the cake. Apart from working at a radio station (by the way its my first week so hi nice to meet you) I also work part time at a big retail chain because Bay Area rent be like that.

Not only was I asked if we had certain things in stock which is ok with me but I was kept being asked if the store was going out of business; “golly gee ma’am I do not know because closing down a major store where everyone goes because its the only place in the city with parking would make no money”.

To make matters worst this is the time of the year where retail stores are cutting hours because who wants to spend money in February.

On top of the mass mob of people, I had many of them yelling at me over things I do not have control over.

For anybody who wants to know when certain items like hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes, canned food and Fage yogurt will be in; I do not know. Maybe try calling the distribution center, but please don’t yell at me.  I honestly don’t know.


Hi, I'm Edwin and work for Bonneville San Francisco's Programming Department.


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