ROCK STARS Lived & Ate HERE in Campbell!

By Chris Jackson on September 3, 2019

Not only did these Rock Hall of Famers eat at Hick’ry Pit on Campbell Ave. across from The Pruneyard, they ate at El Burro IN The Pruneyard! They lived right down Bascom! They also went to San Jose State….

It happened when Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham were a couple!

Of course, all this happened before they joined Fleetwood Mac, cuz when you’re in THAT big of a spotlight with your picture posted in all those magazines, ya can’t be eatin’ too many RIBS or BURRITOS now, can ya?

Lindsey broke the news to me, personally, when he found out how bummed I was that El Burro CLOSED!

See how bummed I am!

See how bummed I am!


Look at the pic below taken inside El Burro while it was still open, and just imagine seeing Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham there, taking home those classic white leftover boxes–like we all did–because the portions were soooooo huge!

Hickr’y Pit is still there on Campbell Ave., but El Burro’s replacement, Luna Mexican Kitchen is said to be opening before the summer ends.


– Chris Jackson