San Jose’s cleans up it’s latest homeless camp

Workers waited until after the holiday weekend to clean up San Jose’s latest homeless encampment on Monterey Rd. near Senter Rd. (just south of Capitol Expressway), on the train tracks side of Monterey Rd. AND in the center divide.

Yesterday, I noticed the trucks and large steel garbage containers along the shoulder of Monterey Rd. You can see them cleaning up in this video:

Monterey Rd. video

Tents along the tracks, and people living in the median:

I drive in this area, and until just a few weeks ago, I never saw any people living in tents there. At first, people lived only along the Caltrain tracks that run along Monterey Rd. Not long after, I noticed people camping in the center divide near the intersection of Monterey Rd. and Senter Rd.

San Jose’s Downtown Streets Team helps the homeless and can show you an easy way to help – give a click:

Help San Jose’s homelessness here

Let’s bring a better future to those who need and seek help in 2020.


– Chris Jackson




Chris Jackson

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