South Bay’s most annoying new traffic light

Annoying for sure, but I’ll also throw in unnecessary. Why stop traffic on a major thoroughfare for cars coming out of one private business? And why make it double the trouble? That’s what happened when the new Netflix campus opened across from the Bay Club in Los Gatos. A street light was put in for cars pulling out of the Bay Club to make a left onto Winchester Blvd., and for cars coming the opposite direction turning left out of the new Netflix parking lot onto Winchester Blvd.

Here you see the entrance to the original Netflix campus on Winchester Blvd. just across Highway 85 from the new Netflix campus. Both have traffic lights, but at least the one at the old campus is justified by a left turn onto 85 north.

The new light triggers too fast for the few cars leaving The Bay Club or Netflix. If you’re coming out of a private business, not another street, you trigger the light and should then have to wait a while for the cars on Winchester Blvd. to get their red light. But they don’t have to wait long. The result is that if you’re driving on Winchester Blvd. through that section, you’ll encounter SIX traffic lights in about a half-mile stretch between Lark Ave. and Knowles Dr.

Is it worth it for Fantasy of Lights at Vasona Park, Jazz on the Plazz in downtown Los Gatos, or lunch at Aldo’s on Winchester? If you’re answer is yes, and you’re not a member at the Bay Club nor a Netflix employee, take a deep breath, hold it, exhale, ok drive. Slowly. 🙂

– Chris Jackson




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