South Bay’s worst puddles

Residential street puddles like the one you see in my pic are inconvenient for those who usually park there, but not nearly as dangerous as those like on Highway 101 just south of 880 where  Cal Trans is pumping more than 2 million gallons of water every day to help solve the problem. Some drivers say the water is causing a driving hazard.

I found a large puddle just to the left of this photo while pulling out of the Oakridge Mall parking lot onto Thornwood Dr. in San Jose.

If you can, avoid driving through puddles. If you decide to drive through it:


  • Drive as slowly as possible to help avoid engine flooding.
  • After, apply your brakes lightly to dry them out. Water can reduce brakes effectiveness and drying them out helps them to keep working properly.

Over the next week, we’d all be smart to leave an extra 20 minutes early for work or appointments. And remember, if you must, go, go slow!


– Chris Jackson



Chris Jackson

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