Where to get free graffiti removal solvent and paint to clean up San Jose

By Chris Jackson on December 2, 2019

The graffiti you see on the pic I just took this past weekend is on this sign at Meridian and Branham in San Jose, right across from Branham High School. We like to shop at Lunardi’s sometimes, and noticed this tagging. According to the SJPD website, it must be cleaned up by the Meridian Park Plaza shopping center’s owners, but they could get the solvent and paint and how-to instructions FREE at 1661 Senter Rd, Bldg G, San Jose, near San Jose Municipal Stadium.

The info. and instructions can be found here:

How to get FREE graffiti removal material

The city claims that if the graffiti is on your property, it’s your responsibility to clean it up. Property owners not cooperating in keeping their property graffiti-free will be referred to the Department of Code Enforcement and may be subjected to penalties and fines.

To report graffiti for removal on city property call the Anti-Graffiti Hotline at (866) 249-0543.

To prevent graffiti, check out these tips from SJPD:

  • Protect your own property.
    • Landscaping – Vandals like to paint graffiti on large flat surfaces, like sides of buildings or garages. Consider planting ivy or other clinging vegetation along these structures. The plants make your property look greener while reducing the likelihood that there will be graffiti problems.
    • Murals – Graffiti vandals also like having clean canvases for their work. That’s why painting murals on garage doors or walls can deter graffiti. However, be careful what artwork you put up. Some designs and styles could give vandals the impression that their graffiti is tolerated in your neighborhood.
    • Fences – Fences can also have a nice, flat, graffiti-friendly surface. Avoid this by getting one with board gaps or lattices. That way, you can enclose your yard without inviting graffiti.

See more at San Jose Graffiti Prevention Tips

I’m born and raised in San Jose (Leland High, San Jose State), so thanks for helping to keep it clean!


– Chris Jackson