By Chris Jackson on August 20, 2019

When the 49ers revealed their new stadium, Levi’s Stadium, I remember a lot of people saying it’s ugly, lame, gets too hot, or at best is very average. The first time I was in Levi’s – for Wrestlemania – my first impression was the same as Mick Jagger’s this past Sunday night – he said, “this is a beautiful stadium,” while on stage at the Rolling Stones concert – their first ever at Levi’s.

Here’s a pic I took showing the awesome view of Levi’s from the Star Tower at California’s Great America.

C’mon – it IS beautiful. And that’s comin’ from ME – a RAIDER fan!

I don’t expect my opinion to sway anyone, but Mick Jagger’s? Yup!

Mick has played most of the stadiums in the world multiple times!

He ought know.


– Chris Jackson