World’s best ice cream is made in San Jose: Halloween only

By Chris Jackson on October 31, 2019

That’s me with the gold..er..I mean, orange! I found it! You can only get it once a year – and there’s only two left. Every Halloween, I love when San Jose’s Treat Ice Cream (downtown San Jose) produces their October-only flavor, “Tigers Tail.” Orange ice cream with fudge swirls.

Looks like a had a few bites ~

All Treat Ice Cream is awesome and awesomely made in San Jose, but Tigers Tail beats ’em all. I picked up a few quarts at Lunardi’s – and guess what? There’s still two left – but only two – at the Los Gatos Lunardi’s (last I checked).

It truly is the best ice cream ever. You’ll taste for youself–if you can find some!

– Chris Jackson