WORST Freeway EXIT in San Jose

Have you ever missed the 880 N exit off 280 N, and had to take the next exit to double back on 280 S? Oops. Ugh. That means you exited at Saratoga Ave., went through the loop onto Saratoga Ave., and tried to quickly get in the left turn lane to enter 280 S.  Late for your appointment, right?

People have said it took them 15 minutes or more to navigate the exit.

Many people, including me, have skipped the Saratoga Ave. exit to drive to the next exit: the Lawrence/Stevens Creek exit, and drive back down Stevens Creek Blvd. to Saratoga Ave.

Improvements are in the works–changes that involve automatically adjusting signal timing based on traffic volumes to prevent gridlock at intersections.

The Saratoga Ave. exit and intersection even beats out the Capitol Expressway exits off 680 N and 680 S. And those get really backed up. The 17 S exit to Hamilton Ave. gets backed up badly too.

But the 280 N exit to Saratoga Ave. not only gets backed up, but the loop to Saratoga Ave. south takes a long time to move and it’s sometimes not possible to even get over to the left turn lane. Plus, it’s a smaller area.

Used to be worth it, when Harry’s Hofbrau was there, but now?  Not really – unless I’m headed to Guitar Center 🙂


– Chris Jackson



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