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Easiest FATHERING tip (moms too) you’ve never heard before

What do you see in the pic of my kids and me? Do you see us all together in the same pic? Nope. Most of the time, we hang out together, but it’s important to plan a trip or activity with each child separately.

You see my daughter Sarah and I – just the two of us – taking the little submarine trip in Hawaii, and you see my son Tyler and I – just the two of us – in Monument Valley, on the Arizona/Utah border.

Your kids may think it’s weird at first: “Why isn’t my brother/sister going with us?” But, they infer value and importance when they get their own activity without the other: “Gee, my parent could be doing something else or something with the whole family, but it’s just me and my parent – I must be important/significant to my parent.”

It can be a day trip or overnighter. It’s something you do together, without the other sibling.

The kids will experience VALUE and IMPORTANCE that they otherwise wouldn’t experience (on that level) from a vacation with their siblings.

Of course – “all together” trips are also important and awesome! (Yosemite):

Photo by Chris Jackson

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Happy Father’s Day ~

Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson

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