How to DECLUTTER during lockdown – look what I found!

By Chris Jackson on May 30, 2020
Photo by Chris Jackson

With all the time at home in San Jose, I notice stuff that must go. But what’s THIS? AOL? Is that anything like LOL? It is now πŸ™‚

They’re offering 500 hours of free internet? Is that suppose to be a lot? I’d go through that in a couple months!

It used to be a lot. Could even last someone a year – back in 1995!

Photo by Chris Jackson

Here it is with something else I found πŸ™‚

Photo by Chris Jackson

And with something else I found πŸ™‚

Photo by Chris Jackson

Quiz question:

Which is older?

Photo by Chris Jackson

The one on the right is older, but hey – if you remember either, you’re not a teenager – lets just put it that way.

I like that is says, “So easy you’re online in minutes!” As opposed to the other ways where it takes hours? Can you imagine it taking 3-4 minutes to get online every time? Ugh.

I learned that when decluttering, play to my strengths and weaknesses. Throwing out old clothes? Strength. Easy. Throwing out old kitchen items? Easy. Old papers? Not so easy. Old electronics and gadgets? Really hard. So I get a lot of the easy ones first, and leave me struggle with the gadgets for last.

Speaking of which – I showed you the pics, now I’m gonna go toss ’em – here I go…I will, I really will!

Hey wait…I wonder if any of ’em still work…..

– Β Chris Jackson πŸ™‚