Photo by Chris Jackson

How to pick a great ceiling fan in the South Bay in 30 seconds

It’s hot out, and ceiling fans help. There are SO many choices of brands and sizes, I thought I should help, because I searched and found no other easy way to choose….than this:

  1. Make it a Hunter fan. Quiet. Works. (Many are not quiet and have trouble working.)
  2. Make it large. Small fans make noise because they have to spin fast to move wind. 54″ – 60″ for a bedroom or other room – yup. 52″ is minimum for your bedroom but try for more! (prices aren’t that much more)
  3. Make it one without lights. (like if you already have a ceiling light in the room). Lights are just one more thing that can rattle (make noise) and one more thing that can go wrong.

Here’s mine, with no lights, no noise, and no issues for almost a decade!

Photo by Chris Jackson

It’s a Hunter fan 56″  🙂     #goBigOrGoHome

Home Depot Monterey Rd. in San Jose has the best selection I’ve found, but all Home Depots and Lowe’s have them. I bought mine at a Home Depot – didn’t even know the rep of Hunter fans at the time – just fortunate to have started with it!

Now, if you live in Morgan Hill, Gilroy or Livermore, you can suffer a little less, in the summer heat by easily pick up a ceiling fan.

Stay cool ~

Chris Jackson


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