Photo by Chris Jackson

Netflix should do THIS during the coronavirus

Netflix would go from Silicon Valley’s Top 15 to it’s BIGGEST company (replacing Apple at #1) if they’d just implement MY idea! More importantly, they’d help people get through a stressful time.

During the coronavirus stay-at-home order. Netflix viewing is way up. But – viewer leave the Netflix site when they want something more interactive. They go to Zoom, Skype, or other sites that offer live video communication.

So….Netflix should offer….

Netflix Live!

Right there on their site. It’s basic business – keep your customers from leaving for something you don’t offer.

Netflix Live could offer even more than Zoom or Skype. Customers could superimpose themselves live over a Netflix movie or show and act out the lines themselves. Groups of up to 10 friends could do this at the same time! A panel of Hollywood stars would judge the best ones and Netflix would show they’re reactions. Prizes would be awarded!

Hey Netflix – even if it works just a little, you’ll still move up from #14 in Silicon Valley to #13 – passing these guys:

Photo by Chris Jackson


– Chris Jackson



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