Popular South Bay spot looks like there never was a lockdown

By Chris Jackson on June 27, 2020
Photo by Chris Jackson

First, let me say that the stores and restaurants are on top of their game – lots of signs, masks and caution. And there’s security keeping an eye on things at The Pruneyard. The new owners are doing a good job of taking precautions.

You see customers with masks if you look closely….but if you just take a glance – it looks like summer 2019…at the Pruneyard, Campbell ~

Photo by Chris Jackson

The Sports Basement in the Pruneyard is taking temperatures of customers before they come in, and requiring masks of employees and customers. They are on it. Although, I saw one customer pull his mask off his nose, but keep his mouth covered. I see people do that everyday. Maybe they do it to breathe, but really the mask needs to cover both.

But look at the Pruneyard courtyard – looks like just another summer night in Campbell – people out havin’ a good time, but it just looks like the patrons here think the danger is over:

Photo by Chris Jackson

Luna Mexican Kitchen took El Burro’s place, and as you can see, people love it.

Here’s Kyoto Palace with a full balcony patio:

Photo by Chris Jackson

Be safe ~

Chris Jackson