South Bay’s biggest fruit – FREE to all

By Chris Jackson on June 5, 2020
Photo by Chris Jackson

Are they apples? No. Tomatoes? Nope. Cherries? The answer to that question has been tougher ever since the stems on the cherries were broken off sometime between 2008 and 2014 at Downtown Sunnyvale’s Plaza del Sol.

Photo by Chris Jackson

The Plaza sits next to Murphy Street and the Cal Train Station.

There are 6 fruit sculptures in all – a pear, an apple, a plum, a peach, an apricot and the pair of cherries you see in my pic. The giant fruit sculptures are a tribute to Sunnyvale’s agricultural heritage.

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You’ll find the giant cherries–in (almost) cherry condition–at Plaza del Sol, 200 W Evelyn Ave., Sunnyvale.


Chris Jackson