What reopening San Jose schools might look like

By Chris Jackson on April 27, 2020
Photo by Chris Jackson

How about only 5 students allowed on the playground at the same time? 10-12 students per class? Morning students and afternoon students switch off. Some students attend Mon.-Wed-Fri. and some Tues-Thurs. Some online classes could still be part of it.

In Demark, schools reopened after a four-week shutdown. Students line up next to cones 6 feet apart. One teacher and just 10 students per classroom. An art teacher might pop in via online connection and take over for a bit. Recess? Try 5 at a time.

Kids there have made up a new game to play while staying 6 feet apart: shadow tag. The object it to tag each other’s shadow but not touch each other.

Parents and students who don’t want to risk it are given the option to learn from home.

Here’s where my kids went to school in San Jose:

Piedmont Hills High – Photo by Chris Jackson
Piedmont Hills High – Photo by Chris Jackson
Piedmont Middle School                                   Photo by Chris Jackson

Our South Bay educators have the Denmark model to consider, and there will be more and more proposed models to check out.

One thing’s for sure: no assemblies, sporting events, or any crowd gathering. Thank you to all of our awesome teachers and school staff!

– Chris Jackson