Photo by Chris Jackson

What’s better, acoustic guitar or electric guitar?

In the pic you see the guitars I usually use to play my “Mystery Riff” on 98.5 KFOX at 5:30pm Mon.-Fri. I play a guitar riff from a song you know, and you “solve” the Mystery Riff. Sometimes I play it on my acoustic (even if the original is played on electric), and sometimes I play it on my electric.

Photo by Chris Jackson

Which is better?

Let’s first check out some of another guitar you may have  heard me play on my “Mystery Riff” on KFOX:

Photo by Chris Jackson

The one you hear the most is my green B.C. Rich Mockingbird – Slash has the same exact guitar in red:

Photo by Chris Jackson

All the pics you see  – I took ’em in the KFOX on-air studio – except for this one:

Here’s one I’d love to play for you on my “Mystery Riff” – Steve Miller’s GREEN Gibson SG – I found it here for sale at Guitar Showcase in San Jose for $5500 – and you know how I like GREEN guitars 🙂

Photo by Chris Jackson

During stay-at-home during the Coronavirus SIP, I’ve been playing some of my guitar collection I haven’t touched in years – including several acoustic and electric guitars.

Which is better? For me, electric. I learned on an acoustic, and as a guitar teacher, I always taught my students to learn on acoustic guitar first. It’s harder to make the chords, harder to play – harder on your finders and hands, and harder to make sound good. That way, when you switch to electric, it’ll seem easy for you.

Most of the great rock guitar riffs are played on electric. And, most guitar solos are on electric. I can get more variety of sounds out of an electric. I see acoustic guitar as more for singers to accompany themselves, and a singer I am not 🙂

But, I do love to add to the “mystery” of my “Mystery Riff” by playing some of the riffs you know as played on electric, as unplugged – aka acoustic – to add to the challenge.

I’ll meet up with ya on 98.5 KFOX at 5:30pm for the next “Mystery Riff” on one of these guitars!


– Chris Jackson



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