Where the menu is bigger than the restaurant in San Jose

By Chris Jackson on May 23, 2020
Photo by Chris Jackson

If you go for the burrito, know that you might not leave with one. The instantly recognizable little building looks like it comes from a children’s book, but it’s menu is very much adult – in size, that is.

An addition to all the burritos at Burrito Factory in San Jose, they offer tacos, chile relleno, chimichangas, tortas, enchiladas, nachos, buffalo wings, flautas, fajitas, and breakfast!

For breakfast – how about (in additional to breakfast burritos, a Denver omelette, and a Joe’s Special!

Open for takeout only for now – and don’t forget – there’s more than just the one you see in the pic at Blossom Hill Rd. near Snell, in San Jose: there’s another at Blossom Hill & Cottle Rd., one on Camden at Union Ave.,  and one on Almaden near Branham – 4 in San Jose!

If you ever see a guy ordering rice instead of beans inside his burrito – please say hi – it’s me!

– Chris Jackson