Best Drive-Thru hours for food in the South Bay during Coronavirus

By Chris Jackson on March 31, 2020
Photo by Chris Jackson

Santa Clara County is allowing people to go to DRIVE-THRUs to get food, even with stay-at-home orders. Many take-out restaurants in the South Bay are open fewer hours than they were before social distancing.

The Taco Bell you see in the pic (Camden and Bascom in San Jose) is still open until 11:oopm weeknights and 12:00a Fri-Sat.

Growing up in San jose, I remember one of my favorites, Taco Bravo, in Campbell, being well-known for late-night munchies – staying open ’til 3:00am – even weeknights!

Because of Coronavirus, they’ve changed their hours to 9:00am-10:00pm.

Photo by Chris Jackson

Best of all, this Jack In the Box (Camden and Highway 17 in San Jose) is still open 24 hours ~

Photo by Chris Jackson

Why those 3?  I love tacos–so much, that I’m not picky about ’em ~

– Chris Jackson