Why dogs love San Jose

By Chris Jackson on June 25, 2020
Photo by Chris Jackson

Does your dog like to sunbathe as much as my Chihuahua, Princess? I’m told they all do – and they love San Jose because of it. Dog owners in San Jose struggle less to please their dogs because dogs demand less when the sun is available.

San Jose gets an average of 257 sunny days per year, and San Jose has whopping 10 dog parks, plus tons of awesome parks like Alum Rock Park that are sunny all summer.

Dogs love the sun because it helps them get vitamin D. When your dogs groom themselves, they’re also helping to get vitamin D3 into their body by ingesting it through their mouths, which works better than counting on it to be absorbed through the skin.

Remember that next time you see your dog spending so much time grooming – it’s not just about looking good in the mirror–it’s about gettin’ that vitamin D ~

Chris Jackson