When Facebook Shares A Memory That Makes You Cry

Thanks Facebook, for sharing a memory of my dog Jake on my wall today.  Everything was going just fine until I saw a picture of my long-gone sweet pooch.  I wasn’t expecting to cry this morning, but a dog who was as awesome as Jake deserves my tears.

It was love at first sight when we found Jake at a local rescue shelter.  Our family had lost our beloved Lab/Retriever Maya a year earlier and we decided it was time to welcome another dog into our lives.

There was Jake locked in a cage with his soulful eyes piercing our hearts.  According to his official paperwork he was found wandering the Central Valley with no ID.  His shelter name was Ralph which our children changed to Jake on the ride home.

Jake was fully housebroken, handsome, quiet AND after about a week it was clear he was my dog.  One-hundred percent attached to me.  He followed me everywhere, tolerated my husbands and sons, but all he wanted was me.

I admit it, it was fun having a dog obsessed over me and only me, but I did experience a hint of guilt over my family’s yearning for a family dog.  About a year later we added a crowd-pleasing Golden Retrieve named Ginger to mix which satisfied everyone.


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