Father’s Day Tip #2: Do THIS with Each Child SEPARATELY

It’s one of the greatest memories I have with my kids! You should try it! It goes against everything you’ve been doing with your kids.

You plan an activity with each child…separately! It could be a restaurant or a movie or even a hike in San Jose at Alum Rock Park. It could be a weekend. It could be a vacation!

Your kids will infer VALUE from it at a level that’s higher than the value they take from an outing with their siblings. You can take each child separately with one parent, or both.

At first, it seems strange. Your child might be thinking or even say, “Wait, – why isn’t my brother/sister coming with us?”

But they’ll remember those outings it for a lifetime. Most of your activities are with the whole family, of course, but once in a while, you make it a special outing for that child only.

I took my son on a road trip to Nevada (Vegas), Arizona/Utah (Monument Valley), and Colorado. Just the two of us, without my daughter.

I took my daughter on a trip to Hawaii. Just the two of us, without my son.

The child processes it thinking, “Wow, I must really be important to my parent. Usually, we all go together. Now my parent has taken time away from the usual get togethers, time away from work, time away from being alone, and time away from friends…just to be with me! Not only must I be important to my parent, I must be fun to be with! I must have value.”




From my family to yours,

Happy Father’s Day, and keep parenting well!


– Chris Jackson


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