49er Faithful, Jake Myers and his memories of the team throughout the years

By Freska on February 10, 2020

The big game is tomorrow and and I recently asked 49er Faithful, Jake Myers of San Jose, to give me his thoughts on his favorite football team.

How long have you been a Niners fan?

I am born and raised in the bay. Although my Dad is a Raiders fan, it was my mom who set me on the right path as early as I could speak, “Go Niners.”

What are a few of your favorite Niners games and why?

Candlestick – 49ers vs. Atlanta. Last game at the stick and Navarro bowman’s interception “pick at the stick” my family was all there for such an amazing game.

Recently, 49ers vs. Green Bay to win and go to the Super Bowl. My wife and I were present and we had the chance to see our team win to go to the Super Bowl. I was a special moment in 49er and Myers history.

What do you think of band wagoners?

Let haters be haters. You want to be a Niners Faithful, we’re taking applications now 😜. I’m a believer you have to start somewhere. Many fans get started by being inspired or seeing their first game during a prime time event so it doesn’t upset me. Now if you ask me about Seattle Seahawks fans, that’s a different challenge for me.

Go Niners!!

Thank you to Jake Myers and his family for these lovely photos and memories.