Bonneville San Francisco: Street shoes need to be left outside at the door before entering the radio station.

Just how long can coronavirus last on shoes?

How long can the the coronavirus last on shoes?  While more studies need to be done to answer this question experts are saying we need to be careful about our shoes.  Infectious disease specialist Mary E. Schmidt says,  the coronavirus can survive on rubber, leather and PVC-based soles for 5 days or more.  She even suggests to have shoes that can be machine washable.  “Shoes are the dirtiest objects in our homes besides toilets”  she says.  It all depends on what the shoes are made of.  Here at the radio station the company has asked us to have designated work shoes for added measure.  We change our shoes before entering the workplace.  Those are our “street” shoes you see in the photo above that we change out of before even opening the door.

Emergency physician Cwanza Pinckney told the Huffington Post, “The sole of the shoe is the breeding ground of more bacteria and fungi and viruses than the upper part of a shoe.”

Public health specialist Carol Winner says, “Taking your shoes off before entering the home is a smart measure for anyone.” However, she adds there is no evidence to say that the virus comes into the house [from shoes].  “Pragmatically, [shoes] are on the body part furthest from our face, and we do know that the greatest risk of transmission is person to person, not shoe to person.”

While all of this information is good to know we can’t lose sight of that fact that we need to focus on washing our hands and have more than good personal hygiene.  It doesn’t hurt to remove your shoes before entering the house.  You can leave them in the garage or front doorway.  The idea it not to track it into the house.



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