LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 26: Andrew Watt attends the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Ozzy Osbourne’s producer Andrew Watt tests positive for coronavirus

Some may ask, “Who cares?  Why is it important to tell people that Andrew Watt also tested positive?  What makes him more special than the the next person to have to announce it to the world?”  Who ever thinks that I totally get it and celebrities are no more special than the rest of us but I will make this example.

I have no idea how long he has not been in physical contact with Ozzy Osbourne.  As we all know Ozzy is in his 70’s and in the “at risk” bracket of the virus and to compound that he has an under lying condition of Parkinson’s Disease.  While it is a neurological disease his system is already breaking down because of that alone.   The article didn’t state the last time he was in contact with him but if he was at least 2 weeks before he showed symptoms it would’t be a good thing because well, you already know.  In this case, Ozzy represents all of those people that are more vulnerable than others and it is our duty to be more cautious if not for ourselves than for them.

Watt is 29 years old and said he was healthy and didn’t go anywhere except his studio and home then felt really sick one day like he got  “hit by a bus”.   He is on an oxygen machine because he has pneumonia and laid out in bed and has difficulty breathing.  He does expect to make a full recovery but added, “I am 29 years old, I am a healthy young man and I am going to get through this no matter what. I am going to make a full recovery but there are so many people in my life and in the world that could possibly not get through this due to their age and/or a compromised immune system. This is why I am writing this post.”

Here’s more on what Andrew Watt has shared about his experience and also his Instagram post which Tommy Lee of Motley Crue commented with, “Hang in there dude”.

We here at KFOX wish Andrew Watt and EVERYONE diagnosed with COVID-19 a quick and 100% recovery from it.  Please be safe everyone.  Take care of yourself and one another.

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