NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 19: Documentary subjects Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson from "Champs", during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival at the Monarch Room on April 19, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival)

Tyson vs Holyfield 3 might actually happen?

Have you ever thought about a Tyson vs Holyfield 3 and if it would ever happen?  I used to think about it but not for about the last 20 + years!  Fast forward to earlier this week.  I found out that fight might actually happen but as an exhibition and as a fundraiser for Unite For a Fight.  

I was scrolling through Facebook one night and came across a Mike Tyson video and couldn’t believe what I saw!  He was still really FAST and appeared to still hit really hard!  I watched it over and over and at the end of the video he turns to the camera and says, “I’m back.”  I thought to myself, “back for what?”  It is supposedly in response to an Evander Holyfield come back video that I hadn’t seen yet so of course I searched for it.  It was not as dynamic and it was fully produced with special lighting and all that stuff but Holyfield is putting in work too! His come back video shows him working on the speed bag, heavy bag, and doing some roadwork.  Tyson’s video on the other hand, without a surprise,  is raw in every sense of the word.  It doesn’t have any special lighting or special effects.  It’s raw in what might be his garage or a gym working mitts and setting combinations in motion in classic Tyson style.  That double left hook to the body and to the head with his form so tight and fluid.  It was like watching a 20 second Pay-Per-View from the 80s.  He’s slower now obviously because the body has aged but I think he looks faster than Holyfield.  Perhaps the Holyfield video didn’t do him justice but if we were to just compare the 2 videos and judge on the LOOKS of speed and power I would have to say Tyson won that.  Not sure how their chins are going to hold up or their stamina not to mention that there was some talk about it being bare knuckle or something???  One of my friend’s brought up a concern that it would be dangerous because of their ages.  Holyfield is 57 years old while Tyson is 53.  I would say 2 rounds maybe 3 max each at 2 mins with at least 12 oz gloves for safe measure.

I can’t lie though a piece of me wants to see this while another is concerned.  Holyfield did say this though, “I don’t look at it as being a winner in this fight. This is a charity event helping our foundations. The thing is knowing what you’re doing it for.” and  “I don’t have anything against Mike personally, the thing is I think it would be good for the sport and even though boxing is a rough sport, we can show people we can come together,” Holyfield said. 

I say good luck to both of them if it ever really goes down.


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