It’s Super Hot! Have You Ever Wanted To Transform Your Truck Into A Swimming Pool?

I used to own a Chevy Silverado and I never once contemplated on transforming my truck bed into a swimming pool.  I did see photos and videos and I’m not gonna lie it looked fun but it could really mess your truck up!  First of all, it’s not meant to be transformed into a swimming pool.  It is meant for hauling things much less dense than water and some people have damaged their tailgates because of how heavy the load is.  A truck bed full of crushed asphalt weighs less than a truck bed full of water.

Most truck beds have about 30-80 cubic feet of cargo room and one cubic foot of water weights 62 pounds.  If you were to fill up your truck bed full of water it could weigh more than a ton!   Bye bye to your suspension and your tailgate.  Truck beds have drain holes for a reason. It’s not just to prevent rust and moisture build up but it is also to save your truck’s suspension for example when it rains.  Here’s a popular question, “What if I just fill it up half way”?  You can try and it all depends on the truck, however, in an article I read even the trucks that were filled only half way couldn’t handle that either.  Most often it will damage your tailgate.  Below is a video of the damage that can happen if you try and transform your truck bed into a swimming pool.  The other video is of a dad that had a Ford F-250 that has a higher payload and it survived.  You will see though that he didn’t load up his truck bed with too much water.  It’s all up to you!  Read this article first for more details. 




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