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32% of People Have Given Another Driver the Finger

To be clear, I’m 100% against any escalation of anger while driving.  Sure, I’ll yell at people in my car where they can’t hear me…but give them the finger? No!  You don’t know how they’ll react.  Do they have a weapon?  Best way to avoid drama while driving is to take a deep breath and calm down!

According to a new survey, 32% of people admit they’ve given another driver the finger . . . and that includes 8% of people who’ve chased the other driver and sped up just to make sure they could see the middle finger.

And it doesn’t stop there . . .

34% of people have honked at someone for driving too slow.

18% have tailgated someone.

12% have cut in front of a bunch of people who were waiting in line to merge.

7% have stolen a parking spot from someone who was waiting.

7% have driven in the shoulder to get around traffic.

7% have dinged someone’s car in a lot and drove way.

And 4% have keyed a car.

(PR Newswire) 


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