A Concert With No Cell Phones

By Richie on July 25, 2019

Imagine, going to a concert and the only bright lights were from the stage, and not from various technological devices from people in the crowd. I’m not talking about a concert in the 1990’s; that’s how it was at the Fox Theater.

Recently I went to a rock show at the Fox Theatre in Oakland and cell phones were not allowed. As soon as you scan your ticket and walk through the doors of the venue, a staff member places your phone in a special green bag and locks it up. You get to keep your phone with you, but the downside is it makes our already big cell phones more bulky and hard to put in your pockets.

Being so attached to our phones, sometimes it’s hard to not check an email or look at your friend’s latest Twitter post. The convenient thing was if you really need to use your phone, you can go to the main concourse and a staff member will unlock the bag for you and the process only takes seconds.

Being at an event with minimum technology in the crowd will make you miss going to a concert before the time of the camera phone. Pretty much everyone in the crowd was engaged with the music and singing along to the songs. Best of all, there were not random flashes from people trying to take photos or bright screens blocking your view from the person in the front trying to take a video.


The thing that most concerned me was leaving the concert. I figured that because everyone had their phone locked in a case there would be huge lines to exit, thankfully that was not the case. The process to unlock your phone from the case took less then 5 seconds. You just remove your phone, drop the case in a basket then leave.

Hopefully this becomes a trend for concerts moving on. Thank you to the Fox Theater for being my first concert in years not being distracted by a cell phone. -Producer Richie