Are You Planning On Spending A Full Day Spring Cleaning?

By Richie on March 21, 2019

It was just the first day of spring. So a new study looked at America’s spring-cleaning habits and 37% of us plan to spend an entire day or more de-cluttering our home this spring.

Here are six more stats . . .

  • The most common place to start your spring cleaning is in the bedroom.  48% of people in the survey said that’s where they’ll start.
  • 62% said they have at least one closet filled with stuff they’re not using.  And 41% said they have stuff taking up space in their garage.
  • 34% said living with someone who’s tidy is very important to them.  And 32% would rather wait in line at the DMV than get into an argument about cleaning.
  • One of the top things we’d like to accomplish is turning a room into a home office.  29% said it’s a goal, while 26% want to turn a cluttered space into a nice guest room.
  • The top things we think we can SELL when we spring clean are old electronics and clothes or shoes.
  • 70% of us feel a sense of accomplishment after we clean . . . 61% said they feel “de-stressed” . . . and 54% feel more relaxed in a clean space.