Caps fly at graduation

High school graduations at drive in movie theaters?

1.  The national toilet paper nightmare might be drawing to a close.  A new report found that on April 12th, 73% of stores had run out by the end of the day.  But a week later on April 19th, it was down to 48%.

2.  And a news anchor in Spain was caught cheating when a partially naked woman walked through the background during a live segment from his house.  Apparently he’d had a fight with his girlfriend earlier in the week and she was staying somewhere else for a few days.

3.  A couple in Sweden opened a new “restaurant” where you can’t possibly spread the virus.  There’s only one table and chair . . . in the middle of an open field . . . and your food is served on a zipline.  (Also, a city in Sweden is discouraging people from going to a park by dumping one ton of manure in the middle of it.)

4.  Police in New York had to break up a funeral for a rabbi in Brooklyn on Tuesday, when 1,000 people spilled into the streets for it.

5.  Garbage trucks are catching fire more than usual.  It’s because we’re cleaning out our garages and throwing away things like batteries, paint thinner, and propane tanks.

6.  Could the idea of high school graduations at drive-in movie theaters take off?  Schools in Kansas City, Kansas are doing it.

7.  The Florida Department of Elder Affairs is helping lonely seniors by handing out 400 robotic pets.


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