How will your dog react when you’re not home all the time? Plus 5 other interesting stories from the pandemic

By 98.5 KFOX on April 22, 2020
Cute Puppy

1.  Germany has canceled Oktoberfest for the first time since World War Two.  The head of the local government said it would just be too dangerous, quote, “as long as there is no vaccine.”


2.  The Scripps National Spelling Bee has also been canceled for the first time since World War Two.


3.  A dog expert says your dogs are getting so used to being around you all the time that they could suffer from, quote, “extreme separation anxiety” when this is over.


4.  A runner in Massachusetts wanted to send a positive message, so she ran her own 26.2-mile marathon that spelled out “Boston Strong” on the map on her run tracking app.  Only she forgot a letter, so her map says, “Boston Strog.”


5.  New Hampshire fire officials have told people not to microwave their face masks to try to sterilize them . . . because it can cause fires.


6.  An emergency room doctor in Texas is self-isolating from his family by living in his kids’ treehouse.