Luna Mexican Kitchen

By Richie on January 22, 2020

I’d been meaning to go to Luna Mexican Kitchen at 1495 The Alameda in San Jose since I saw their menu online months and months ago. 

Looking over the menu a few things caught my eye like the Queso Flameado, flamed queso Oaxaca, jack cheese, fire roasted poblano pepper with handmade tortillas.  Handmade tortillas on a menu will get my attention every time.  My girlfriend and I walked in on Monday and were immediately blown away from the pleasant smell of fresh tortillas and cooking Mexican food.  It reminded me of the many home cooked meals my son’s Grandmother used to make for us. 

First way to judge a Mexican restaurant is with chips and salsa.  The chips and salsa at this place were the best I’ve ever had…super thick and crunchy chips with 2 types of salsa.  One was a warmed red salsa with the flavors of chipotles.  The other was green and very spicy.  Both were outstanding.  After that, our appetizer arrived.  We had to get the Queso Flameado.  There’s something special about melty cheese on a handmade tortilla that’s like a warm hug.  The parts that get stuck to the pot are the best, crunchy and cheesy.  Our main course was the Mixed Grill.  It had carnitas, grilled chicken, steak, some ribs, bacon wrapped shrimp with garlic butter sauce and jalapeno sausage.  It’s served on a pan over fire, keeping everything hot.  That was plenty of food for 2 people.  I want to go back and try their elote and mole poblano enchiladas. 

The menu is pretty big, there are tacos, various salads and many vegetarian options.  They even have enchiladas el vegan.  I’m so happy that there’s a place right here in San Jose showcasing so many sides of Mexican food.  We went at lunchtime on MLK day and had to wait 20 minutes for a table.  They have a covered tent in front with heat lamps making the wait rather comfortable. 

The restaurant is small, cozy, beautiful and worth the wait. I can’t wait to go there again. -Joey