Lunchables Is Introducing Brunchables

By Richie on April 4, 2019
USA - Nutrition - Walt Disney Company to Limit Advertising of Unhealthy Foods for Kids
Boxes of Oscar Mayer Lunchables sit on shelves at a grocery store in San Diego, CA on Tuesday, June 5, 2012. The Walt Disney Company has unveiled plans to limit various unhealthy food products advertised on its child-focused television channels, radio stations and Web sites must comply with a strict new set of nutritional standards. Oscar Mayer, a Kraft brand, makes the popular Lunchables meals, which have been named as one of the advertised brands. (Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Corbis via Getty Images)

The problem with launching a new product this time of year especially one that sounds fake is that everyone’s on the lookout for April Fools’ jokes.

Case in point:  The people at Lunchables are rolling out a new product called BRUNCHABLES.  Basically they’re just breakfast sandwiches that come with a muffin.  But they teased it on Twitter on April 1st and that name made people think it’s a prank.

But it’s very real.  And the official website is BrunchablesIsReal.com, which may or may not be grammatically correct.  Anyway, these are coming out sometime soon.