Social Distancing Guidelines

One business is using giant inner tubes to social distance customers

Here are some NOT-so-serious stories from the Coronavirus outbreak.

1.  There’s a new trend where people are sharing the “last normal photo” on their phone . . . in other words, the last picture they took before the quarantine began.  Here’s mine, this is a photo of our last “in person” meeting at KFOX.

Last In-Person Meeting

2.  69% of couples are having less sex than usual during the quarantine.  Experts think it’s because all the anxiety over the situation is affecting people’s sex drives.

3.  A café in Germany is going viral for giving people hats with pool noodles attached to make sure they stay socially distanced.  And a bar in Maryland used inflatable innertubes.

4.  One of the first strip clubs to re-open in the country is in Wyoming.  The strippers are wearing masks . . . and keeping them on, even as they take off their clothes.

5.  A woman in Kentucky gave birth in a hospital parking lot last week . . . and her husband used a face mask to tie off the umbilical cord.

6.  The public health department in the Netherlands is advising single people to make an arrangement with one “sex buddy” so you can safely see each other and get-it-on as the pandemic continues.

7.  15% of people say they’ve run out of toilet paper at some point since the pandemic started.

8.  A picture of a priest squirting people with a water gun of holy water during a drive-thru service in Michigan is going viral.

9.  An exorcist says the pandemic could lead to a rise in people getting possessed because the, quote, “negative energy [is] a breeding ground for demons.”

10.  A guy in Australia took advantage of museums being closed right now to break in and take selfies with dinosaur bones.

11.  Bait and tackle shops are having trouble keeping up with demand as fishing has become more popular in the social distancing era.

12.  A high school in New Hampshire is holding its graduation at the top of a mountain . . . and the students will ride the chair lift up to the top to get their diploma and take a picture.


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