Pumpkin Spice Spam . . .

This might just be the product that finally ends the pumpkin spice mania once and for all. Pumpkin Spice Spam is now a real thing.  Yes, SPAM. It goes on sale on September 23rd, and it’ll only be available...

Slayer And… NASCAR?

Slayer is on it’s final tour ever and they wanted to do something special to celebrate. So the band announced they are going to be the primary sponsor for the No. 54 car for an upcoming NASCAR race. Guitarist...

“Friends” Is Coming to Theaters

“Friends” premiered on September 22nd, 1994.  That means it’ll be 25 years old next month.  That also means there’s a celebration happening.  And it’s happening in MOVIE...

A-Rod Lost $500,000 In The Bay Area

You know that feeling when your car gets broken into, and the perpetrator makes off with some of your junk?  Usually, it’s more annoying than anything, because what they stole is probably less than the cost...

Olive Garden Is Selling Lifetime Pasta Passes

For the past five years, Olive Garden has been running a promotion once a year where they sell the “Never Ending Pasta Pass” . . . you pay $100 and get unlimited pasta, salad, and breadsticks for nine weeks...

Lucky Charms Without The Cereal

Good news from the cereal aisle: the Lucky Charms Giant Marshmallows are taking over. In fact, there’s no cereal to be found. Only marshmallows. Enormous marshmallows. Which, is the best news ever. Because while...

Best Joke Gift Of 2019

This might be the best new joke gift for this coming holiday season. There’s a company in England called Feel that’s selling a new multivitamin.  And it contains GLITTER . . . so when you poop, it...

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