The pandemic is bringing back the milkman!

Here are some NOT-so-serious stories we’ve seen about the coronavirus outbreak . . .

1.  Denmark is letting people into the country to see their significant other . . . if they can show a love letter or other proof of the relationship.

2.  The pandemic is bringing back the milkman.  Yes, old fashioned milk delivery is becoming a viable job again now.  (And with the return of the milkman, we should also see a spike in paternity tests, if I have my clichés correct.)

3.  Burger King has created oversized paper CROWNS to keep people apart in Germany.  And they also made a commercial for a “Social Distancing Whopper” in Italy . . . it’s got three times the onions to help keep people away.

4.  A couple in Ireland got their wedding date tattooed on their arms . . . October 16th, 2020 . . . and now they’ve had to cancel the wedding on that date because of the pandemic.

5.  A sex doll company in Florida says it can’t keep up with demand since the pandemic began.

6.  Hipsters in Brooklyn are paying up to $300 for bespoke face masks.

7.  People say they’re looking forward to spending money again when more restrictions are lifted.  And the things people want to buy the most are vacations and meals at restaurants.

8.  There’s a myth going around that hand sanitizer can explode if you leave it in a hot car.  That’s not true . . . although it IS flammable if you hold a lighter to it.

9.  More than half of people who’ve been working from home during the pandemic say they “feel fatigued” from the indefinite remote work situation.


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