NOVATO, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 02: Shelves where disinfectant wipes are usually displayed is nearly empty at a Target store on March 02, 2020 in Novato, California. As fears of the Coronavirus are spreading, people are emptying the shelves cleaning supplies, protective masks and bottled water at stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

People are skipping work due to Coronavirus

Coronavirus is here in the U.S. in fact it’s in Santa Clara County. We now have 9 confirmed cases in Santa Clara County. No one is exactly sure what to do about it and we’ve all been kind of improvising.

A new survey asked Americans if they’ve taken any actions to avoid getting Coronavirus, and 57% have done something.  36% haven’t and 7% said “What’s coronavirus?  Never heard of it.”

Here are some of the actions people are taking . . .

1.  Improving personal hygiene, like washing their hands more, 42%.
2.  Avoiding crowded public places, 27%.
3.  Avoiding physical contact with tourists, 17%.
4.  Wearing a face mask in public, 7%.
5.  Skipping work to work from home or, I guess, just not work, 3%.
6.  Not sending kids to daycare or school, 1%.

Have you skipped work to avoid the Coronavirus? Are you taking any action to try not to get sick? What are you doing?


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