10 Oct 1993: An Anaheim Mighty Ducks banner at Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California. Mandatory Credit: J.D. Cuban /Allsport

Quarantine Movie of the Day: The Mighty Ducks

So with this whole stay at home order from Gavin Newsom I decided hey why not watch movies that everyone says I need to watch.

Being a Millennial I have not seen a ton of classic movies that may cause many of the KFOX listeners to pull their hair out.

Now a little backstory about me and the Ducks. I loved the animated series when I was a kid on ABC 1 Saturday morning and thus making me like hockey. Now I never watched The Mighty Ducks because why would I want to watch a movie with pee wee hockey players instead of alien ducks who play hockey and save the universe.

I finally watched it and I gotta say……… Its ok.

Its a generic sports movie with kids who have no business being athletes which is what saves this movie. The plot is nothing special, every underdog movie with the coach who is forced to coach a certain team is The Mighty Ducks and Gordon Bombay is terrible.

Ok you missed a penalty shot in pee wee hockey, cry me a river. Now if he broke his leg or had some kind of injury that prevented him from playing hockey ever again causing him to hate the sport, well then there you got my empathy.

Instead Bombay is a stereotypical lawyer who needs to understand the power of teamwork and responsibility because he got a DUI😒. Maybe if I was 5 this trope would work but I am 23 I am sorry if its hard for me to believe that after a month you go from hating kids to all of a sudden loving them. Also community service for a DUI and mocking a cop, couldn’t he have done a better crime and not one where you can kill somebody!!!

It may sound like I hate the movie but I didn’t. I enjoyed it for what it was and the kids are the best part of it. If it wasn’t for them and their banter with each other this movie would be better off being a Disney Channel Original Movie. But if you need to watch a hockey movie watch Goon or Slap Shot I hear thats a good one.



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