What are the best trophies in Sports?

By Edwin on June 9, 2020
LAS VEGAS, NV – JUNE 07: Craig Campbell, left, and Phil Pritchard, The Keepers of the Stanley Cup, bring the Stanley Cup onto the ice after Game Five of the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final between the Washington Capitals and the Vegas Golden Knights at T-Mobile Arena on June 7, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Capitals defeated the Golden Knights 4-3. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Soon around the world sports leagues will begin to resume their seasons. The NBA and NHL will head straight to the playoffs, and the MLB will probably start their season in July. So it got me thinking. What are the best trophies not just in American sports, but in the world?

5. Olympic Gold Medal

I know technically it’s not a trophy, but it’s still pretty cool because of its history and how you basically have to work your whole life since birth to get it. The only knock I have for the medal is the fact that there are no unique designs for each sport.

4. The Larry O’brian Trophy (NBA Finals)

Solid gold trophy with a basketball ontop and the base has a net design engraved on it. It’s also at an angle which makes it look unique and pretty cool when lifting it up.

3. The Commisoners Trophy (MLB World Series)

What makes this trophy cool is the fact that it has 30 flags that represent all 30 MLB clubs. It also has a baseball at the base of it shaped as a globe and looks clean.

2. Stanley Cup (NHL Stanley Cup Finals)

It was hard for me to put lord Stanley number 2. It has so much history engraved in it and the fact that it has been in use since 1893. The only thing they add to it is another base so it can fit the names of the teams that won it. Hopefully some day the Sharks will have their name on it.

1.FIFA World Cup Trophy (FIFA World Cup)

A  gold trophy that is awarded every 4 years to a country and is never remade for a team to keep just like the Stanley Cup. It is the most beautiful detailed trophy I have ever seen with the top being a globe and a soccer player holding the globe, not to mention the green at the base that compliments the gold.

I know I missed a couple trophies like the NFL’s Vince Lombordi Trophy, MLS Cup, and many others.