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Boba Fett and I had a moment

Published by <p>I always knew that I had some kind of “connection” with Boba Fett and I finally I got close enough […]</p>

The Rise of Skywalker a bust?

Published by <p>The all new Star Wars movie is almost here. It officially comes on December 20th but the reviews have been […]</p>

Disney+ launches today

Published by <p>After nearly a year of anticipation, Disney+ has finally arrived. I caved in yesterday and signed up, but will it […]</p>
Disney+ Showcase Presentation At D23 Expo Friday, August 23

Disney+ Is Ending Binge Watching

Published by <p>The new Disney+ streaming service is trying out a bold, new strategy.  Well, technically, it’s a bold, OLD strategy.  They’re […]</p>
Spider-Man Explores Singapore During His Time In Town For "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"

Marvel Is The Favorite Cinematic Universe

Published by <p>Comic Con starts TODAY in San Diego, and so the “Hollywood Reporter” conducted a poll on comics, superhero movies, and pop culture.  Marvel […]</p>